2023 – A Year of Ups and Downs

Hello everyone, I do hope this finds all well in your part of the world.

I know it is a little early to reflect on the past year as it is not quite over yet , maybe I am simply looking forward to new beginnings.

I started the year as a dyed red head with a bob and finished with rather short natural grey hair.

These two photos sum up much of my 2023. The first one with my red bob was taken at the very start of 2023 and after those ups and downs along the way the second one with my short grey hair was taken in London in November .

A short explanation for anyone new reading this and wondering what I am on about. After a routine bowel screen , then colonoscopy I was diagnosed with bowel cancer . I had successful surgery followed by a course of chemotherapy . I am now routinely monitored by my health care team and all was well after my latest round.

I will admit it took a while for my body to recover from the chemotherapy but I had a goal to work toward , our postponed trip to France, Spain and Portugal in September.

We started our  travels in Paris , collecting our car at the depot near Charles de Gaulle airport , then explored parts of France we hadn’t seen, before driving through Spain and Portugal . We returned the car 8 weeks later and took the Eurostar to London for a few days before returning to Paris for the last two weeks. This was taken in the Jardin de l’Hotel de Sulley in Paris . I am wearing an old favourite Moyuru skirt , black knit  topped with my black raincoat which came in very handy as the last part of our trip was very wet.

As promised I will do more posts on our trip in the coming weeks . Apologies for the delay I have experienced computer issues , hopefully now resolved after a new hard drive with more capacity was installed.

Raffy was well looked after by our friends Amanda and Woody while we were away and was spoilt rotten. He has been such a faithful companion for me this year. In this shot taken in my poor garden (it is still badly in need of same TLC) I am wearing one of my favourite skirts from Bread and Butter paired with a sand coloured leather jacket from Caroline Moore that I have worn for many years and new bronze shoes from Fly London that I bought in Lisbon.I had been to see my hairdresser that day , Raffy had his Summer clip the day after.

I was fortunate to once again enjoy some of the amazing Christmas windows in both Paris and London.

I will admit to be rather taken by this Louis Vuitton display in Paris.

Now onto Christmas , unfortunately our Hobart family tested positive for Covid just before the day and were unable to travel north. We will all hopefully catch up soon and the little boys will have fun opening another round of presents.

My sister Lyn joined John and I for a brunch of fresh fruit followed by croissants and of course a glass or two of bubbles.

Later in the day our youngest son , Callum and his partner Georgie flew in from Melbourne . We enjoyed a late traditional Christmas dinner of ham and turkey , a variety of new seasons veggies followed by a chocolate and raspberry pavlova and apricot cheesecake.

A day not quite as planned but I have now learned not to stress about what is out of my control.

This also was my first Christmas as a retired person , I did so enjoy not working in retail this time of year and I was so organised for a change.

I wish to say a big thank you for all the kindness and support I received this year.

I do plan to blog on a much more regular basis in 2024 and no doubt this blog will continue in my usual ad hoc fashion covering whatever takes my fancy at the time.

All my best wishes for good health and happiness in 2024.

Jill xx

Joining Gail at Is This Mutton for Wow on Wednesday.






  1. December 27, 2023 / 11:18 am

    What a year indeed! So happy for your recovery of cancer! Love your fun funky style. Hoping the best for you in 2024!


    • grownupglamour
      December 28, 2023 / 9:03 am

      Thank you so very much Karin, yes it was certainly a year to remember.
      All my best wishes to you for 2024.

  2. December 27, 2023 / 4:33 pm

    A momentous year for you Jill, so glad that your bowel cancer was caught early thanks to the screening, and that you were able to go ahead with the European trip. It was so good to meet you. A pity that Christmas was disrupted. Covid is the gift that never stops giving! Now you have the fun of a postponed gift exchange to look forward to. All the best for 2024!

    • grownupglamour
      December 28, 2023 / 9:01 am

      Yes, it certainly was a momentous year in so many ways . Yes , so grateful for the availability of screening tests.
      I was so enjoyed meeting up with you and Penny in London , and think of that day often and how much we all had in common.
      Wishing you all the very best for a happy and healthy New Year.

  3. December 27, 2023 / 6:27 pm

    What a year! I am glad the operation and chemo took care of the cancer and it sounds like your extended trip was quite delightful. Several family members were sick this Christmas so it was very small here too.

    • grownupglamour
      December 28, 2023 / 8:45 am

      Thank you Mirielle , 2023 was quite a year , both good and bad , one I will remember.
      I am thankful for all my health team and the tests available.
      All my best wishes for a Happy New Year .

  4. December 27, 2023 / 7:27 pm

    What a year you’ve had Jill! I’m so glad your cancer was caught in time and all is under control. And I did love following you around France, Spain, Portugal (and London) via your Instagram account.
    Your short, natural grey hairdo definitely suits you and your always fabulous and quirky outfits!
    Here’s to a happy and – most importantly – healthy 2024! xxx

    • grownupglamour
      December 28, 2023 / 8:41 am

      Thank you so very much dear Ann. I am still pleased with my short, grey hair .Glad you enjoyed following my travels on Instagram.
      All my best wishes for a happy and healthy 2024. xxx

  5. December 28, 2023 / 6:16 am

    Hi Jill,
    So pleased to see that you have now adopted the there’s not point stressing about what
    you can’t control attitude. Many of us who have survived cancer learn this lesson and for me, it
    has been liberating – knowing that it’s okay to say “no” and to let things go. I hope you continue
    to be well and able to focus on what and who you truly love.
    Thank you for sharing your 2023, I look forward to keeping in touch in 2024.

    • grownupglamour
      December 28, 2023 / 8:38 am

      Happy New Year to you Elizabeth , may 2024 bring peace, health and happiness.
      You are right about changing the way you look at things out of your control after a cancer diagnosis , I have spoken t othes that feel the same. I am now working on saying no .
      Thank you for following the blog , we will keep in touch. xx

  6. December 28, 2023 / 6:57 am

    I think that is one thing you learn when you are sick, to let go of the control. Very hard to do. I’m very happy for you that you enjoyed the trip! And I wish you a happy and healthy 2024!

    • grownupglamour
      December 28, 2023 / 8:30 am

      Totally agree Nancy , we do learn to let go of what is out of our control . Thank you Nancy , the trip was wonderful , we saw and did so much. I wish you a happy and healthy 2024.

  7. Marlene Innes
    December 28, 2023 / 11:04 pm

    Dear Jill, you played a part in saving my husband’s life, we received our bowel tests around the time you wrote of you positive test. Hubby always throws his test into the bin, I told him about you, also a gallery owner whom he sells to also tested positive. Much persuasion and he did the test, it came back positive. He tried like hell to resist having the colonoscopy, saying he was fine. His doctor and I pressured hard, we won. They found a large cancer which was promptly removed. No chemo. necessary. He is a changed man, very thankful and grateful especially to me. He said for saving his life, he would give me anything I wanted, without hesitation I said I wanted a gardener. Done, now every Wednesday a very fit, energetic man does his thing to my acre of beautiful garden. Dear Jill we are both grateful to you.

    • grownupglamour
      December 29, 2023 / 1:16 am

      Hello Marlene, thank you for sharing this with me. I remember at the time I did that post thinking if only one person was convinced do their tests then my discomfort at sharing something so personal would be wothwhile. Good for you on convincing your husband to have the colonoscopy and that his tumour could be successfully removed .
      Well done on requesting a gardener it must make such a difference. I know I have struggled getting my garden back in order since our return home.
      Wishing you and your husband all my best wishes for a happy and most of all healthy 2024. xxx

  8. Nancy Brantley
    December 29, 2023 / 6:33 am

    So glad your cancer is in control. Don’t stress over anything and enjoy life that you have been given. The garden is to enjoy and so what if it gets a little out of shape. Smell the flowers as you slowly fix the garden. I love your haircut because it fits your fashion style. You are an upbeat lady! Praying 🙏 you have a Happy Healthy 2024!

    • grownupglamour
      January 1, 2024 / 6:01 am

      Thank you so very much Nancy and a Happy New Year to you. I am slowly but surely learning to not stress about what is out of my control and simply embrace each day. I know my garden will eventually get back under control and I will take your advice and smell the flowers, the lilies are quite outstanding this year.
      I do appreciate your support this year.

  9. January 1, 2024 / 6:57 am

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2024, dear Jill!
    What a challenging old year – battling cancer, having to postpone the trip you’d been looking forward to and the final slap in the face, the family catching Covid in time for Xmas.
    You’ve been truly inspirational in dealing with everything life threw at you in 2023, I’m thrilled that you are cancer free and that you were able to get to fulfil your European ambitions, your hair looks just as good grey as it did red and your outfits are, as always, exceptionally stylish and authentically you.
    Raffy looks very content and I know you’re beautiful garden will recover from its neglect with a few weeks of TLC – ours is atrocious! xxx

    • grownupglamour
      January 2, 2024 / 6:49 am

      Thank you so very much Vix . It certainly as a strange year with its up and downs. So glad we finally were able to enjoy our Europe trip and I was fit enough . Raffy is such a great companion . The garden will recover in time I hope.
      Wishing you a wonderful 2024.

  10. January 4, 2024 / 5:20 am

    I am so glad your year ended on a high note, Jill! I have loved your outfits on Instagram and had thought I was subscribed to your blog. I shall rectify that immediately!

    Love your hair and your fashion…you’re always so chic!


    • grownupglamour
      January 4, 2024 / 8:11 am

      Thank you so much Marsha , it was certainly an interesting year in so many ways. Glad you like my outfits.

  11. January 8, 2024 / 6:14 pm


    • grownupglamour
      January 9, 2024 / 2:28 am

      Thank you so very much Elizabeth . I agree that do-da (love your Description) would look right at home in our gardens.
      Feeling well at present , more tests mid month. Hope your tiredness improves soon. xxx

  12. January 9, 2024 / 8:28 am

    Wishing you a great year ahead Jill and loved your recap of the year, so glad to hear you are well and I loved following along on your trip! Debbie from debs-world.com

    • grownupglamour
      January 10, 2024 / 4:39 am

      Thank you so very much Debbie. Glad you enjoyed following along on my trip as I did yours too. Hope to be much more involved in blogging this year.

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