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Hello everyone . Today’s post as the title suggests is a bit random as things have been somewhat quiet in my neck of the woods of late.

After a busy April working nearly every day , due to a change of ownership , things have settled down to my two days a week.  I had planned to make the most of the last month of Autumn and work in my garden before Winter settles in but Mother Nature has other ideas and we have had a great deal of rain .

This was my outfit for a quick trip to buy printer cartridges, paper and an SD card for my camera . Wearing Moyuru pants paired with one of my best ever buys the Rundholz denim tailcoat that has been seen on the blog numerous times. I have no problem repeating items as this is real life and I this how I dress , changing combinations and accessories. It is also another reason I prefer separates over dresses as I like to ring the changes on a regular basis.

I added a red velvet cap , green glass earrings , a Jackie Brasil bangle and a collection of colourful necklaces (all recycle finds).

Whilst in Hobart at Easter I was delighted to find another pair of Frida Kahlo socks that I have worn with my little red Think lace ups that I purchased some time ago. I also have these in black and they are so good to wear that when the red appeared at my favourite local shoe store, The House of Shoes, well I just had to make them mine. I am a great believer in shopping at local small businesses whenever I can.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been also been busy changing over my wardrobe from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter. Although this can be quite time consuming I really enjoy being acquainted with old friends. I did try to be a bit more ruthless this year but my pile of giveaways was relatively small . I thought about this , maybe after many years years of practice I am finally albeit with a few exceptions only buying (new or secondhand) what I really love and will wear for many years. I also do not purge an item simply because it wasn’t worn last year, invariably these end up being loved and worn again usually in a different style .

Before the chill of Winter really sets in I have had some fun pairing existing pieces together . I found the Trelise Cooper floral pants worked rather well with an old Paule Ka knit and feather vest.

I was discussing personal style with some friends the other day and interestingly enough we all decided that it has developed over time but has become more important as we age. We all agreed that dressing is for us at least is our form of  self expression and we are much bolder as time passes developing our own unique style .

Joining Gail ( a little late) at Is This Mutton for Wow on Wednesday and Nancy for Fancy Friday.






  1. May 5, 2022 / 6:30 am

    Those necklaces are very pretty! And ideal to wear with a black outfit of course. Those trousers are unique. We are having a very good spring here with lots of sunshine. Next week we have two week vacation and planning on cycling a lot!

    • grownupglamour
      May 5, 2022 / 9:08 am

      Thanks so much Nancy. True the necklaces would and often do work well with all black. So glad you are having a good Spring, enjoy your two week vacation and the cycling.

  2. May 5, 2022 / 5:49 pm

    I too have been busy changing over my wardrobe in the last couple of week, albeit from Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer in my case. I’ve stil got a long way to go with purging my wardrobe, though, but I find myself no longer buying things as randomly as I did before. Perhaps it’s a start!
    I’m loving both of your outfits here, Jill. That denim tail coat is a stunner, no matter how many times it appears on your blog. Those Frida Kahlo socks are delightful, as is that gorgeous pair of lace-up shoes.
    And how stunning are those floral trousers worn with the feather vest! xxx

    • grownupglamour
      May 12, 2022 / 5:14 am

      Thank you so much Ann , as you know the denim tail coat is an all time favourite.
      Hope your Spring/Summer change over has gone well and the weather has also co-operated. I do think we become more fine tuned with our purchases over time.

  3. May 6, 2022 / 2:47 pm

    NOW when you switch over from summer to winter how do you store the NOT USED ITEMS?

    • grownupglamour
      May 12, 2022 / 5:10 am

      Oh yes Elizabeth you certainly have no fear of dressing to express your personal style and wonderful it is too. I am surprised with your amazing dressing room that you have a need to swap around. I am fortunate to make good use of spare bedrooms and move things from one room to the other and make them more accessable.

  4. May 9, 2022 / 5:39 am

    Your post resonated with me on so many levels! Yes I do believe personal style develops over time, and becomes more important. It’s a way of showing our identity, who we are – not just an employee, a mother, a grandmother. I also find I have fewer clothes to give away because I’m consciously making choices about what I buy.

    Love that denim jacket and its fitted shape – also the adorable Frida socks and red shoes!

    • grownupglamour
      May 12, 2022 / 5:06 am

      Yes, we are definately on the same page regarding our personal style and it is so good to make more conscious decisions and less mistakes.The denim jacket has to be one of my best buys.

  5. May 9, 2022 / 8:46 am

    I love the feather vest and floral pants! The socks are fab too – I have some Frida Kahlo socks. Now I wear trainers much more than I used to (due to feet problems) I enjoy wearing funky socks!

    Emma xxx

    • grownupglamour
      May 12, 2022 / 5:02 am

      Thanks you so much Emma. It was the first pairing of the feathers and flora pants . Isn’t it fun wearing funky socks.

  6. May 10, 2022 / 6:47 pm

    Great hat Jill! You always put together such creative outfits. It’s inspiring to see them. Style is more important as we age, like you say. Some days it’s the reason for getting my butt moving and out the door. On the flip side of that, it’s easy to slip into not caring and get lazy about it. But, I don’t see myself doing that ever!

    • grownupglamour
      May 12, 2022 / 5:01 am

      Thanks so much Jodi, glad you enjoy my outfits, I enjoy putting them together. I agree it can be so easy to slip into bad habits but can,t see either of us doing that anytime soon. xx

  7. Elizabeth Arthur
    May 13, 2022 / 3:47 am

    Hi Jill,
    I am gravitating back to reading blogs and after following your fabulous posts on Instagram I’m so pleased to find you have maintained your blog which I always loved and followed. It seems so many of the wonderful blogs I used to follow have now resorted to Instagram only which, I find, doesn’t allow me to read more of the story behind the post (and I like to sit at my lovely big screen monitor and enjoy the blogs). I am thinking of resurrecting my blog again some time.
    I have always loved that your posts show you wearing clothes and accessories again and again in different styles and stories and in this post your “this is real life, this is how I dress” is very refreshing. I noticed that at Australian Fashion Week this week they are showcasing on the big runway recycled/preloved clothing because so many articles of fashion are thrown away after maybe worn only once and to draw attention to this.
    When I first starting earning a wage my mother encouraged me to save up and buy something I really love that I will love for years and I took that on board. Again, I love your same belief.
    The Frida socks are fabulous! As always, I love your floral pants, you always do something interesting with them – a photo shoot in the bush, brilliant! Thank you for a beautiful post, lovely photos, looking great.
    Pleased to hear you’ve had rain at last. If you would like more, we can send some down from Queensland.
    Happy Weekend,

    • grownupglamour
      May 15, 2022 / 5:59 am

      Hi Elizabeth, good to hear you are gravitating black to blogs again. I will admit to not being as consistent with posting as I once was so can understand why many have turned to Instagram for its quickness. I have always tried to be as real as possible with my outfits. I also believe that things have changed and for many the idea of fast fashion has lost its appeal.
      Hope the rain is finally easing in Queensland , it has now travelled South. Keep me posted on the blog. xx

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