Rainbow Colours

Hello everyone.

My goodness this has been a difficult start to Autumn in so many parts of Eastern Australia with major flooding in South East Queensland and  the NSW North Coast , the storm is now heading toward Sydney and the South Coast. Many homes and businesses have been destroyed and sadly lives have been lost.

For as long as I can remember I have dealt with unpredictability with the practices of mindfullness and creativity. Composing outfits and decorating my home are my forms of art and meditation.

A short drive from home to Everton Lane provided the backdrop to show my rainbow colours, based around a vintage Reiss jacket, paired with my dark blue Rundholz skirt.

So many colours to choose from for accessories , I opted for a yellow pillbox style hat from Marie Mercie, purchased years ago on sale in a fancy store in Melbourne, fingerless yellow spot leather gloves , white clip on earrings , cream Fendi sunnies, black necklace and white sandals.


It would be remiss of me to not acknowledge the sad situation unfolding in Ukraine and the suffering of her people .

Joining Gail at Is This Mutton for Wow on Wednesday

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  1. Susan
    March 2, 2022 / 12:06 pm

    I completely agree it’s such a terrible tragedy for the people affected by the flooding in eastern Australia. I simply can’t imagine what that would be like to see your home ruined and the thought of having to rebuild your life back again.

    Love from England

    • grownupglamour
      March 3, 2022 / 6:28 am

      Thank you Susan , yes it is so sad to see the devastation caused by the severe floods. I can only imagine the difficulties in rebuilding your life again.All the best.

    • grownupglamour
      March 3, 2022 / 6:23 am

      Thank you Mirielle , I found the gloves in a little glove shop in Paris o our trip there in 2016.

  2. March 2, 2022 / 3:05 pm

    Now that Covid is almost gone, new awful things are happening. So very sad.

    Wonderful colours to lift everyone’s mood!

    • grownupglamour
      March 3, 2022 / 6:21 am

      It is so very sad isn’t it Nancy . I sincerely hope there are better times ahead.
      Somehow colour seemed right, thank you Nancy.

  3. March 2, 2022 / 4:47 pm

    Your wonderful outfits bring JOY to me everytime I open up one of your emails. While I don’t dress – as I did before retirement ( living in Chicago), my life being very low key here in Florida – I live vicariously through you. Keep strutting your glamorous stuff.

    PS My current role is saving interesting clothes from the landfill – nothing as unique as what you wear –
    but often worth saving/recycling.

    • grownupglamour
      March 3, 2022 / 6:19 am

      Thank you so much for your kind comment Jean , it really has made my morning. I can imagine there is a much more relaxed vibe in Florida. I think its wonderful that you are saving interesting clothes from landfill , it seems such a waste doesn’t it.

  4. March 2, 2022 / 7:12 pm

    I was sorry to hear about the major flooding in Australia and indeed it seems the weather gods have been causing havoc elsewhere too, with the succession of storms we had to contend with here!
    Creating outfits is one of the ways I’m dealing with uncertain times too, trying to keep anxiety at bay by being colourful and creative.
    Your rainbow coloured Reiss jacket is a sight to behold, and works magnificently with your dark blue Rundholz skirt, and I am swooning over that delightful yellow pillbox hat! xxx

    • grownupglamour
      March 3, 2022 / 6:15 am

      Hello Ann, those troublesome weather gods do seem to be causing havoc around the world. It really is time for them to play nicely.
      Glad to hear that you too find creating outfits therapeutic in these troublesome times.
      I fell for the rainbow jacket a while ago and love its vibrant colours and so pleased the yellow pillbox pairs beautifully.

  5. Eva
    March 2, 2022 / 7:29 pm

    Hi Jill – I absolutely love your beautiful jacket – you look fabulous! The world is such a grey place at the moment – your bright, colourful post is just what I needed to see this morning.Thank you for cheering me up.

    • grownupglamour
      March 3, 2022 / 6:09 am

      Hello Eva , so pleased the rainbow jacket added a little cheer to your morning. Take care my dear .

  6. March 2, 2022 / 11:27 pm

    Love that yellow pill box hat! It has been an awful time here in Aus lately and the world news is just as bad!

    • grownupglamour
      March 3, 2022 / 6:07 am

      Thank you so much Debbie , I really should wear this little hat more often. Yes , it so tough for so many here in Australia and around the world.

  7. March 3, 2022 / 7:14 am

    Gorgeous colourful jacket and great choice with the yellow hat. I’ve read about the floods from Deb and Mica. Must be very unusual for you at the start of autumn. Global warming in action. We had some freakish weather a week ago with very severe winds. And it seems we never get snow now in London. Too warm.

    • grownupglamour
      March 8, 2022 / 6:33 am

      Thank you ever so much Gail. The colourful jacket was a lucky find.I was pleased how it paired with the little yellow pill box hat. It is unusual to have this much rain this time of year, yes, global warming I’m sure.

  8. March 6, 2022 / 3:27 pm

    That jacket is glorious and the hat is such fun.
    I saw the awful weather you’re experiencing in Australia on the BBC when we were away, we escaped the flooding in our part of the UK but the three successive storms were horrible – just when you think there’s a chink of light at the end of the tunnel there’s war and weather following the pestilence of the last two years. xxx

    • grownupglamour
      March 8, 2022 / 6:29 am

      Thank you ever so much Vix, the jacket is one of those lucky finds and the little hat is one I don’t wear often but love never the less. Sadly it is still flooding in parts of the East coast , Sydney and surrounds .
      I know what you mean after the last two years , we all hoped for better times . xx

  9. March 7, 2022 / 9:15 pm

    A beautiful post Jill. The happy colors are very uplifting here too. I find mindfulness and creativity in my decor and closet as well. Very satisfying! Love that bright lipstick you’re wearing here too.

    • grownupglamour
      March 8, 2022 / 6:25 am

      Thanks so much Joni. I know many of us find the joy of creativity in our dressing and our homes a satisfying endeavour.

  10. March 8, 2022 / 11:44 am

    Your jacket looks fantastic, i just love to dress up colorful in changing season like autumn/spring. Colors uplift our mood instantly.

    • grownupglamour
      March 9, 2022 / 4:53 am

      Thank you so much . Yes , colours can influence our moods.

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