Flowers and Tulle

Hello my friends, I hope everyone is well and doing their best in these challenging times.

Flowers and tulle – two of my favourite things . Flowers have always played a big part in my life. Growing up my mother was a keen gardener who grew a variety of different flowers and this love of flowers has been passed on to my sister and I.

I am not a big wearer of florals but when I spied this velvet Kenzo jacket at a recycle clothing store in Melbourne a couple of years ago I fell for it immediately .

As for tulle I simply love it , maybe it is the belated ballet dancer in me , who knows but when I spied this velvet spot Trelise Cooper skirt online and on sale it had to be mine.

Speaking of flowers , this white japonica or flowering quince is brightening up a corner of my garden. Every year this plant attracts many little birds that come to sup from its blooms.

The Winter roses or hellebores are just starting to flower . I have collected several of these rather wonderful double varieties over the last few years buying them at local flower shows from a grower who imports the seeds.

We ventured to the Punchbowl , a parkland and picnic spot for today’s photos and I was rather excited to see the jonquils and the first of the daffodils in flower , does this signal an early Spring . I had a conversation last Saturday at the Farmers Market with the man I buy blueberries from , fresh in Summer and frozen in Winter, and he tells me we will have an early Spring as his blueberry bushes are showing signs, I guess time will tell but I do hope so.

Today’s accessories are a red hat by Tasmanian milliner Susan McArthur , Fendi sunnies , Paco Herrero tall boots , many moons old and frankly the heel is a little high for me but I love them still and opera length leather gloves.

I found the opera length leather gloves at a charity shop in Paris back in 2018 for just a few Euros. They are the finest leather finished with the tiniest buttons and hand stamped with a name that is too difficult to read but the address is Rue Honore, Paris. They are pictured with an ebony glove stretcher and an antique button hook , finally I have a use for them.

Joining Mica for Weekday Wear, Jess for Turning Heads Tuesday, Jacqui for Chic and Stylish and Nancy for Fancy Friday.




  1. July 28, 2020 / 10:05 am

    Gosh, I love those gloves! how elegant! And what a bargain. Love the tulle skirt too. I have to wear mine one of these days, totally forgot about it!

    • grownupglamour
      July 29, 2020 / 11:55 pm

      Many thanks Nancy , I was rather excited when I found the gloves , they really are quite special. You should wear your tulle skirt , will look forward to your styling.

  2. July 28, 2020 / 2:34 pm

    I love this look. Who would think to put a long floral jacket over the beautiful tulle skirt. I have a tulle skirt, but was thinking of getting rid of it–you have inspired me to keep trying! The flowers are beautiful in your garden.

    • grownupglamour
      July 29, 2020 / 11:53 pm

      Many thanks Kimberly I do love a tulle skirt and am so pleased to have inspired you to play with yours again. My garden is starting to slowly flower again.

  3. July 28, 2020 / 6:15 pm

    As a wearer of florals, that Kenzo jacket made my heart beat faster! It’s looking magnificent paired with that dotty tulle skirt. Those Hellebores are absolutely divine too! I’m always looking forward to spotting the first daffs of the season. Spring must be well and truly on its way for you. xxx

    • grownupglamour
      July 29, 2020 / 11:50 pm

      Thank you Ann . this dark floral jacket is an all time favourite and one of those once in a lifetime finds.
      I do hope you are right and Spring is on the way , more daffodils and blossoms in the neighbourhood. xxxx

  4. July 30, 2020 / 4:25 pm


    • grownupglamour
      August 5, 2020 / 2:02 am

      Ubfortunately no ballet for me as there were no classes nearby , is it too lat, you never know. We do love the joy of flowers , so true they do lift the spirits in these awful times. A little late but off to read your post.

    • grownupglamour
      August 5, 2020 / 2:00 am

      I can see you in a tulle skirt Mirielle , they are very versatile and can be dressed up or down. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. July 31, 2020 / 5:47 am

    Your jacket is fabulous, I do love a floral print on a black background, gives it edge.
    Those gloves are gorgeous, what a great find. You’re luckily to find antique gloves to fit, I’ve got huge hands and always have to sell any I come across.
    The winter roses are beautiful, the first one looks like a painting! xxx

    • grownupglamour
      August 5, 2020 / 1:58 am

      Many thanks Vix, I always love a floral on a dark background too. I was delighted with the gloves , I know what you mean about how tiny some vintage gloves are and my hands are fairly small. My collection of Winter roses seems to be a growing one as I do love them. XX

    • grownupglamour
      August 5, 2020 / 1:55 am

      Thank you so much lovely for your kind comments.

  6. August 2, 2020 / 6:03 am

    The flowers are lovely – in the garden and on your jacket! i like the mix of textures with the tulle skirt too! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a great weekend 🙂 Thank you for joining the weekday wear link up!

    • grownupglamour
      August 5, 2020 / 1:54 am

      Many thanks Mica , as you can tell I do like my flowers. I did have an enjoyable weekend. Many thanks for hosting .

  7. August 3, 2020 / 9:35 pm

    HI Jill
    I really love the jacket! You know I love florals and the colors are so pretty. I am really impressed with your beautiful flowers and am learning some of those names! I have a pair of grey longer opera gloves, love the red with buttons. So stylish Jill!
    I hope you are doing well.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • grownupglamour
      August 5, 2020 / 1:52 am

      Thank you Jess , I am do enjoy some florals and seem to be drawn to those on a black background. You wear all your florals so beautifully. I was excited when I founds these gloves at a price in my budget.
      Always my pleasure to join your link up.

  8. September 14, 2020 / 2:14 pm

    You sure know style and how to mic colors to perfection. Those vintage gloves are stunning and I imagine unlined like most perfect gloves ? Red too, so nice !!!

    • grownupglamour
      September 15, 2020 / 9:57 am

      Thank you so much for your kind comments.

  9. October 7, 2020 / 6:11 pm

    I had to open this post once it popped up on the page. This outfit is such a fantastic combination of avant-garde and timeless beauty – so uniquely you, Jill! It melts my heart to look at these mixed textures and shapes… The Winter roses are so beautiful. xxx

    • grownupglamour
      October 8, 2020 / 10:07 am

      Natalia I have missed you and your wonderful writing . You know me well and how I like to mix things up as I style my outfits. The Winter roses were rather lovely this year. xxx

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