The sportscar, a Mazda MX5.

My husband’s retirement present

to himself.

The Scarf

         A silk Charles Jourdan


Purchased in Hobart,at Hello Gorgeous Vintage.

Last week saw my husband, John, and I driving to Hobart,on a

warm, sunny day to swap cars with our son, Zac.

John is about to take off for his annual camping trip and

as great as this little car is it not the car to take camping.

Especially as camping involves tents, kayaks , bikes and

other assorted stuff.

So off we went , a pleasant day indeed , stopping here for

lunch along the way.

This is in Oatlands, one of early colonial towns,with many well 

preserved sandstone buildings.

A closer view of my new hat and the scarf.

My idea of a great day, spending time with my husband,

catching up with my son and his lovely partner, an enjoyable

lunch and coming home with a new hat.



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